Lotta Wenglén and her band on tour 2024

This spring/summer you can listen to Lotta live with her band (Måns Wieslander – bass and Carolina Carlbom – rythm) at the following venues:

13 April Landskrona Teater
18 April medley malmö
25 May Garageprojektet Hammenhög
14 June Folkteatern Göteborg
09 June Galleri Alma Grönby
15 June Altanfestival Jonsered
19 June  Plan B Tranås
29 June  Altanfestival Böste
06 July Tomarps Kungsgård

29 of November 2023

We will celebrate the new WATERBODY album at Restaurant Metro in Malmö on the 15 of December 17-19. Affictionados will play records and you can buy the vinyl. Great Christmas gift and a perfect soundtrack if you want to keep your head above water . 
WATERBODY a.k.a. Lotta Wenglén shouts a huge thanks to all the lovely musicians playing on the record: 
Lisen Rylander Löve, Conny Städe, Åsa Gustafsson, Måns Wieslander, Lasse Johansson, Henrik Hoffer, Henrik Meierkord and Magnus Sveningsson.

Artwork image by photographer Lennart Sjöberg

6 of November 2023
WATERBODY LP out Dec 22!
Finally the instrumetal album "AQUATIC HAPPENINGS" by WATERBODY (aka Lotta Wenglén) will be released on vinyl.
The perfect Christmas gift! If you want to order it now, to secure your copy, just send an email to

The single "Broken Open" was released last year so if you want to get in the WATERBODY-mode, refresh your memory here:

5 of November 2023

New single/video out Dec 1
Riding High is a new single from Lotta Wenglén. It follows the EP Stardust & Debris that came out this summer. The songs on the EP received a lot of good press and was added to many international playlists and rotated on Swedish radio P4. Lotta say this about the new single/video: 
"When my mother told me that she and my father, who has Alzheimers, are dancing one dance a day to keep him up and running, I was so moved. So I wrote a song about it, Riding High!
Then I invited my friend and movie maker Niklas Hansson to shoot the video with the two of them dancing in their living room as well as at the old dance hall where they used to go when they where young." 

The releaseparty is at Moriskans Bistro on Dec 1 between 18-20. Watch the video and hear Lotta and her band live. Free entrance and all are welcome!

9 of August 2023
New Lotta Wenglén EP Stardust & Debris is out!
Lottas 5 track EP/CD was released Aug 4 and has already landed in international playlists on Spotify as well as great reviews from bloggers.
Here´s some loving words (in swedish):

Lotta Wenglén släpper smått sensationella, den lätt Bacharach-inspirerade "Everybody Knows", smakfull, klassisk pop med rötter i nämnda legend och 60-talets Brill Building-pop. Olle Berggren

Everybody knows är en väldigt fin singel om unga människor som mår dåligt och som gömmer sig både i sina huvuden och i sina rum. Texten berör på alla möjliga sätt och Lottas röst bär på mycket karaktär och minst lika mycket hjärta! Stråkarna i låten bultar också lika vackert. Vakentimmar

Lotta Wengléns singel ”Everybody Knows” är en tidlös poplåt som påminner om en bortglömd west coast-dänga från 1973. Ljudbilden andas solsken, men även vemod och denna kontrast skapar ren magi. Detta är musik som aldrig rostar och refrängen håller högsta Burt Bacharach-klass. HYMN

7 of June 2023

New single with Lotta Wenglén out June 16.
"Everybody Knows" is the second single from the forthcoming EP Stardust & Debris (release July 28). 
The lyrics reflects upon mental health issues among teens, especially young girls. Issues like social fobia, anxiety and gender dysphoria has according to studies increased during these last few years and the big question is why and how can we as adults help?

24 of February 2023
The EP Wellness out today!
The Swedish pop-duo Blind Lake consisting of songwriters Måns Wieslander and Lotta Wenglén gives us their organic E.P. Wellness. This is the third physical release from the group following the albums On Earth (2015) and Streetlife (2020).

The new E.P. consists of six songs inspired by Lottas and Måns friendship and the tooth of time, with echoes of Nick Drake, Laura Veirs, Bowie, Wilco & Bill Callahan.

Guests on the E.P. are Conny Städe (Ossler, First Aid Kit), Andreas Ejnarsson (Avantgardet, Ben), actor and musician Åsa Gustafsson and Nadia Hamouchi (Nina Persson, Magnus Uggla).

Listen to the EP Wellness here:

5 of December 2022

Blind Lake has released three singles this year and on the 24 of Feb they will present their new EP Wellness. On 9 of December the debut single Broken Open from instrumental artist WATERBODY (a.k.a Lotta Wenglén will be released.

Listen to Blind Lakes new musik at:

Listen to WATERBODY singel Broken Open here:

21 of December 2021
New instrumental project from Lotta Wenglén, WATERBODY reached it´s final mix in May and was mastered in the beginning of the summer at Svenska Grammofonstudion in Gothenburg.
The album was, to our great joy, granted financial support from Kulturrådet in December so now we are able to press vinyls! The artwork is created as we speak so hopefully we can send the production to print in the beginning of 2022. 

6 of March 2020
New Lotta Wenglén single "Bristen" is out today!
Next Friday on the 27th of March you can get a hold of the EP – Alla andra ska dö! 

Listen to the song:



8 of Feb 2020

New single/video "Alla andra ska dö" from Lotta Wenglén out 31 of Jan 2020

Watch the video 

Listen to the song